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Na základě usnesení vlády od pátku 9.10.2020 bude naše studio na Karlově náměstí uzavřeno pro veřejnost do 25.10.2020. Sleduj náš Facebook a Instagram pro další informace. Budeme se na tebe těšit při znovuotevření! Due to government declaration from Friday 9th October 2020 our Club at Karlovo namesti will be closed for the public sector until 3th November 2020. Follow our Facebook and Instagram for more information. We are looking forward to see you again on our reopening!

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Welcome to the ultimate fight where you'll defeat your toughest opponent…yourself! James with have have you master some killer jumps and kicking techniques. You'll feel like you're on top of the world once you complete this workout.

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Meet Ben in Malibu if you want sexy, killer abs. Once you get a taste of his workout, you'll never want to stop. You'll work every muscle to have the tight abs every "body" wants.

Aloha from Hawaii! Come smell the ocean breeze as Briohny shows you flowing movement to distress and energize you. This session is all about freeing your mind of any heavy thoughts, so tune everything out and just relax.

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In this Express Workout, Josh incorporates the most effective dumbbell moves for defined shoulders. Strengthen your front, side and back shoulders and dare to try the "Arnold Press" - the ultimate shoulder exercise. Let's Press Like a Pro!

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Just RELAX - these 20 minutes are just for you and your body. Mobilize and lengthen your entire back and free yourself from the uncomfortable tension and unnecessary stress of the day.

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Talk about your WOW factor! This high rep, 20 minute body weight lower body workout, will have your glutes burning, and give you results that will leave you begging for more! Let our coaches help you achieve your booty gain goals in record time!

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This workout is on fire! In this high intensity interval training, your coach gets everything out of you and pushes you to your limit for 20 minutes. Get the BURN through quick changes from power & recovery. And make sure you take advantage of every breather - because the next peak is guaranteed to come. Your reward: an afterburn effect at its finest!

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Stay home, stay safe

#stayhomestaysafe! We give you tips how to bridge the time under the stream CYBEROBICS LIVE!

  1. SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT! Keep yourself fit with your workout @Home. Motivate yourself and reach your goals with our CYBEROBICS Workouts!
  2. HEALTHY FOOD: Use the time for baking and cooking. Whether Bananabread, Energyballs or Simple Cooking - now you have the time!
  3. NETFLIX & CHILL? Besides home office and workouts you can now follow your favorite series without a guilty conscience.