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The JOHN REED clubs turn your workout into an experience: innovative training opportunities, exceptional design elements from all over the world, live DJs and exclusive member events create a mix that will move and motivate you time and time again. JOHN REED is more. More than you expect.

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More than a Club

You know one. You know them all. Not really...every JOHN REED club is unique. Asian aesthetics meets street art meets industrial style - nothing is what you’d expect, so experience it for yourself!

Seamen and be seen. Don’t forget your spinach - as always, we’ll make sure that you win your battle with Moby Dick…or the weights bench. Call in! The highlights: an extensive range of courses, ladies’ area, large functional area with punch bags, ropes & chin-up bars, Hamburg graffiti with motivating statements, right next to Harburg railway station, open 24/7

Fitness in the heart of Rhine culture. Our club in Koblenz offers the best sounds, best location and the best trainers. Those who never become weak, will never become strong. The highlights: an extensive range of courses, a mix of a cosy atmosphere and driving beats in the free weight area, hip pictures on the wall and the DJ booth as a central, visual highlight, right in the city centre, open 24/7

There are lots of fitness studios in Leipzig. And there’s John's living room. So forget the usual muscle fads and train in a gym that suits your taste. Home Sweat Home. The highlights: an extensive range of courses, sauna & wellness area, huge functional area, ladies’ area, design highlights such as the red shark in the power area, two lions with coats of arms and a huge wall unit with busts of famous people from world history.

Die Highlights: Umfangreiches Kursangebot, besondere Raumaufteilung schafft Rückzugsorte für dein Training, aufregende Graffitis & Comicfiguren zieren die Wände, mitten in der Innenstadt gelegen, direkt neben dem Busbahnhof, 3h kostenlos parken

“Havelweight” Champion of the World. Berlin’s little sister swiftly mutates into the big brother thanks to an "extreme" free weight area and special views. The highlights: an extensive range of courses including live cycling, fireplace with armchairs in the free weight area and views of the River Havel, 2 hours of free parking

And the Reed goes to ... It’s not just “The Rock” that’s proven how good movies & muscles go together. Come on by and train in an old cinema. The only thing missing is Rocky and Arnie calling in. The highlights: an extensive range of courses, as the club is located in the former Elmo cinema, the largest cinema hall is now our power endurance area and the former storage room is now our power area….and Action! Old film reels & snack vending machines as decoration, comfortable cinema chairs for relaxing in, right on the River Salzach

Klitschko's heirs. In the Czech Republic, fitness has cult status. If you manage to attract attention here, you’re one of the greats. Our club managed it. See for yourself and train like the Klitschko Brothers. The highlights: According to Forbes, it ranks among the Top 10 fitness studios in the Czech Republic, leg-press with the signature of the Klitschko Brothers, a crocodile, the symbol of John Reed Prague, is the most photographed motif in the Czech fitness world

John Reed Venice Mestre. The Italians are known for their "amore". So, you can work out in our club with passion and get started as a beautiful Lolita or as a well-trained lover. The highlights: an extensive range of courses, the only John Reed Club in Italy, driving beats, motivating courses, impressive glass façade, Ron Miller geisha works of art adorn the walls


Experience live DJs, JOHN REED radio and music group workouts in a special club atmosphere. With us, music isn’t just music, but the motor for greater motivation during training.

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Give everything. Get everything: large training areas, over 50 courses daily, a functional area and top equipment. Motivating beats create the best training atmosphere and the best possible feeling during your workout.
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