John Reed

The sound of training

Experience DJs, JOHN REED radio and music group workouts in a unique club atmosphere. With us, music isn’t just music, but the motor for greater motivation during training.

The boost of music

Sound effect

Find out for yourself what numerous studies have already shown: the right music increases your motivation and performance. The physical feeling of strain decreases meaning that you get even more out your training - that’s the JOHN REED Effect.

Special Guests. Special Sound.

Live DJs

Now your workout will really get moving! Because twice a week, we let DJs onto our decks to push you to the limit with hip hop and electro - always  Mondays and Thursdays in all clubs. 



No matter where, no matter when - JOHN REED Radio never stops delivering the soundtrack to your workout. From electronic music, hip-hop & urban through to pop. Simply download the Flux.FM app or listen on the Flux website.